SDREOSold Team Structure

Key Personnel and Allocated Staff

Key Personnel

Susan Zagorsky, Broker/Owner
She is a proven real estate broker with over 30 years of experience in the residential real estate field, including the marketing and sales of REO properties. She has received multiple industry recognition awards throughout her career. View Resume

Jesse Zagorsky, REO Sales Manager
He is responsible for the activities of Sales Agents. Plans and organizes daily tasks of the sales team with the goal of producing the maximum number of asset dispositions. View Resume

David Zagorsky, Controller
He is responsible for the creation and implementation of Operations. Oversees Accounting, Budgeting, Field Services and Computer Systems. View Resume

Allocated Staff

Gee Irvine, Office Manager, Transaction Coordinator and Accounting
Indira Bettner, Office Manager and Marketing Consultant
Lavina Romero, Office Manager and Processor
Gina Lomori, Buyers Agent
Sudi Rasehki, Buyers Agent, Weekly Asset Inspections and Runner