SDREOSold Marketing Plan

Strategic Marketing Plan

SDREOSold’s marketing is based on an Action Plan. Its task management system is coordinated by REO Sales Manager Jesse Zagorsky who has a marketing background that includes cutting edge internet techniques. It is executed by our marketing and sales specialists.

The cornerstone of real estate marketing is to properly price the home. As professionals with many years of experience you can trust that we will attain the highest price in the shortest amount of time. Tracking potential buyer interest by monitoring traffic through a home is one of the key measures we will report to you so you can change prices as needed. Our goal is to obtain multiple offers.

As new listings are received they are entered into the MLS and also uploaded to over 21 major real estate web portals and real estate search engines, including, Craigslist, Zillow, Trulia, Google Base, Yahoo! Real Estate, AOL Real Estate and many more. Craigslist postings are refreshed twice daily for maximum exposure.

Where appropriate we upload videos of the listings to YouTube and other Web 2.0 sites. We have over 40 unique internet URL’s registered which we utilize in such marketing campaigns as Google Pay-Per-Click to create buyer interest and to add to our proprietary list of buyers and investors.

All new listings are emailed to this proprietary list with the goal of generating quick response and competing offers, ultimately increasing sales price. We currently have over 300+ screened and pre-qualified investors searching for homes in San Diego, as well as an additional 4000+ potential home buyers in our database.

All listings include an SMS TXT messaging sign rider on the property. Potential buyers can send an SMS TXT message to request more information and to schedule an appointment. Every message has its contact information collected and one of our Buyer Agents performs a follow up phone call.

We have exclusive Realty Trac Sales Territories, the foremost internet search site for buyers of foreclosures. In addition, our web site includes a listing and map of all California’s pre-foreclosures and foreclosures. It is updated daily and allows the user to “drill down” to individual streets. Requests for complete address are captured for contact by us via an AutoResponder.

While listings are marketed with a heavy emphasis on internet marketing, SDREOSold also utilizes traditional methods, but with a unique approach. For example, weekly open houses are held using over 40+ “Open House” directional signs that include a “BANK OWNED HOME” sign rider to drive large volumes of potential buyers to our open houses. All our agents who work the open houses have been trained to utilize a highly effective dialogue with potential home buyers to generate
multiple offers on the REO listing. All new listings are placed on Broker Caravan. Such information as price reductions are effectively communicated to MLS participants. In addition, we constantly network with the top brokers in the area to ensure our listings are shown more often.

On an “as needed” basis, specific marketing concepts such as having a drawing for a Flat Panel TV at an Open House or Brokers Caravan are implemented. By utilizing this give-away technique we are able to drive an even larger number of brokers and potential buyers to our listings.

One of the most important aspects of the marketing process is the condition of the listing itself, from curb appeal to interior cleanliness and condition. All assets are initially analyzed from the stand point of who the most likely buyer will be (End-User, Investor Fix and Flip, or Investor Rental).

SDREOSold will recommend to your Management the repairs and maintenance that will maximize sales price and raise intrinsic value for the neighborhood. We can gather bids for any work you want performed and oversee that it is done properly.

Regular weekly inspections ensure the listing is in top showing condition. All aspects of the home are reviewed, even how it smells. More than just visual sensory experiences have been found to be very effective tools in selling a home. For this reason, we use air fresheners so our REO listings always “smell” better than any of our competition’s houses.

Throughout the year, we also utilize unique special marketing campaigns. For instance, our Holiday Greetings card that we mail past clients is impregnated with flower seeds. Plant the card and it grows! It gives hope for future growth and not only makes us stand out but shows that we care.